6 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

How to Boost Immunity Naturaly

The Immune System in Human Body acts as a shield against harmful bacteria, viruses, and enzymes. There is no practice to measure the efficiency and protecting ability of your immune system. With regular practices and by improving your lifestyle, you can develop a stronger immune system. Due to the prevalence of Covid-19, people have started looking for ways to improve their immune system so that they could guard themselves against harmful viruses. It is a proven fact that people with a better immune system can fight the killer Covid-19 virus and conquer the battle against the virus. India is renowned for its Ayurveda – homemade remedies. In this article, we are going to tell you about the six most effective home-remedies to build a strong immune system. You can easily find ingredients for these remedies in your kitchen and garden.

Add Garlic in Your Food

It might not be a good option for your breath order but it would keep you strong. Garlic has certain health beneficial contents that would boost your immune system and also strengthen your heart. Trust us; prevention from heart disease is an additional factor. You can consume it in any form – tempering daily in tadka dal or adding its paste in pasta. One thing to keep in mind is that garlic is a hot ingredient. So while consuming it daily make sure to take care of the quantity.

Drink Mixture of Lemon, Honey, and Ginger in Hot Water

It is a tried and tested remedy for cold. Not only that, but this powerful elixir also has certain anti-oxidant traits that boost the immune system naturally. Along with that, the anti-viral properties in ginger will guard treat nausea and motion sickness. And the citric acid in Lemon is a proven guardian against Corona virus. The good news is that despite its magical benefits, the drink tastes good as well.

Consumption of Tea

Tea is the national drink of India. Here, whenever a child is sick the consumption of tea is a compulsory treatment. The prevalence of tea in India is due to its nutritional studies. In a 2003 study, it has been revealed that tea contains naturally occurring alkylamines that boost the immune system to fight the infection. The addition of peppermint in your tea will help you with digestion and improve your bowel movements as well.

Make Yogurt Part of Your Breakfast

Yogurt contains pro-biotic contents that are beneficial for your immune system. Yogurt is a nutritious food that contains vitamin D as well. The rich diet not only keeps you healthy but makes you happy as well. In a recent study, it has been found that by consuming vanilla yogurt regularly you can uplift your mood.

Turmeric in Hot glass of Milk

Turmeric is a yellow spice that is often used in Indian Kitchens. The spice contains curcumin and anti- bacterial traits that are beneficial in improving immune system. Adding the spice in a hot glass of milk is a proven remedy in cold and joint pain. It also improves the memory and allows the brain to function smoothly. The anti-oxidant traits are another reason to consume it to strengthen the immunity system.

Consume Sun Light

Sun Light is a gift of nature which produces food and also helps our body in healing. Morning Sunlight is rich in Vitamin D and contains all beneficial contents which make our body strong. Doing meditation or yoga early morning while consuming sunlight is an excellent way to calm your mind and have a fitter body. On one hand, by doing yoga you can gain flexibility and on the other hand make your bones stronger with natural sunlight.

Drink Tulsi Water

Tulsi holds the prime importance in Ayurveda. The green plant contains essential oils that have proved to be the most effective healing particle in naturopathy. Tulsi is a natural detoxifying ingredient that contains purifying agent. You can intake Tulsi and apply its water or paste on your skin as well. The anti- viral, anti-bacterial and anti-biotic qualities of Tulsi will aid you in fighting sickness and also build a stronger immune system to guard you against harmful enzymes. It is also beneficial in treating respiratory ailments. You can consume Tulsi raw directly picked from the plant as well.

Make the above mentioned ingredient a regular part of your diet and lifestyle. You will witness the magic and observe a positive change in your body. Visit https://www.haryanamedia.com/category/health/ for latest health related news.

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